about me.


welcome to my blog, filled with a little bit of everything! if i could tell you everything about me in a quick post I would but my life’s ever changing so here’s 10 things you should really know..

1. I’m a proud Mommy to an amazing seven year old who makes my life complete.

2. My family is everything to me.

3. I’m in my final year at IUPUI working on my Master’s Degree in Applied Communication specializing in Organizational Communication.

4. I have two jobs, I teach public speaking at IUPUI as well as specialize in promotions and marketing at Emmis Communications.

5. I talk… a lot, no one is a stranger.

6. Community Service is essential to who I am; getting out in Indianapolis and working to assist others is near and dear to my heart.

7. I have never had a career goal; I have always said I will follow my heart until I land a career that feels more like fun then work.

8. I could not go a day without my planner or my iPhone, this point is my guilty admission.

9. I break for animals, always.

10. I believe happiness is a choice, choose wisely.


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