importance of social media on business: intro.

Social media: Two words with implications that are so great they have arguably changed the world.

In the next series of blog posts I am going to be reflecting on ideas, concepts, and realizations I have come to this semester as I have explored how social media has completely changed, well, everything about how we communicate with one another. Before I identify how I will go about breaking down the importance of social media on business, I would like to express how my communication background has shaped my understanding of these ideas. Social media is a tool that allows people to communicate freely with people of any geographic location, any ethnicity, any education level, even any economic level. Social media is beginning to emphasize to us just how important open communication channels are. The previously accepted one-way model of communication in which businesses and individuals in positions of power controlled the frequency and nature of communication are no long accepted. In The People Formerly Known as the Audience it can be seen just how drastically this shift in communication channels has changed. Everyday individuals now have the power to blog/tweet/tag/share content of their choosing in order to gain the publicity, support and attention they need to get business to make changes. Furthermore, it’s those businesses that learn how to appeal to their audiences using social media as a tool that have the most longevity in continuing to reach their goals.

For this particular analysis, I have decided to provide three categories that explore the importance social media has on business. Those categories are:

1. Control

2. Creativity

3. Connectivity

In the following four blog posts, you will be privy to the exploration of these categories, case studies and exemplars that further your understanding, continued questions that I have regarding this ever-changing field, and finally a concluding post that explores my foresights into the future of social media and how important it will be for businesses in the future.



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