2013 predictions.

I was reading through an article I found on Forbes titled: Network Reboot: Four Changes Coming to Social in 2013 and it provided four interesting points to consider and be on the lookout for in 2013. However, the third point gave me great pause and a great deal to consider regarding my own places of employment. Let me explain.

Point three reads: 140 Character messages will be the mail mode of inter-department communication.

Think about that for a second. Richard Pasewark, CEO of Visible Technologies predicts that companies will begin turning to Twitter for faster, more to-the-point internal communication. Bye bye email, you have been replaced. Pasewark claims that companies are already using the 500 character direct messages instead of sending an email with the same content.

When I think of Twitter, I do not think of business communication. I think of quick, misspelled words, lack of grammer, all ways in which I would not communicate with any of my business peers or superiors. I also think of spam messages, as they are laced throughout Twitter as well as Twitter accounts seem to get hacked into quite frequently (I see this happen on my timeline and in my direct message inbox often.) But am I being hasty? Could businesses use Twitter as the preferred channel to facilitate private, sometimes sensitive information?

My first reaction is no, they can’t. There is no way that Twitter could possibly support a network of business professionals in a protected environment to share sensitive organizational information, it’s just not possible. But is there a way? It seems that everyone I meet these days, whether that be companies or individuals themselves have twitter. Could professionals use their personal accounts to communicate with one another? Well, probably. I don’t see a reason that this wouldn’t work. But how could Twitter either restrict spam/hacking of twitter accounts to ensure that sensitive information is not leaked? This is the question I struggle to answer, possibly because I’m not very educated when it comes to computer security and what Twitter has in place to protect the content of it’s users.

But it seems my initial quick reaction could be wrong. Maybe throughout 2013 as Pasewark predicted, companies will begin to replace email through Twitter’s direct message feature. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens!


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